I have two computers plus one EeePC. Now I try to have them ALL under my control in single keyboard and mouse. Since I had the Ubuntu Hardy Heron installed, they told me there are something easy to go with VNC. Okay, I tried. Both easy-go VNC clients(vinagre and krdc) can't satisfy me. Vinagre is just a viewer, so I can't control another machine. It's not its fault, but what I got on the screen is hard from great. I don't know if that is because my old machine's performance problem. Then, Krdc as a KDE VNC client cooperates with krfb has a nice mechanism for invitation in occasional usage. But what I want is long-term relationship!? Anyway, it has same output with vinagre. Finally I found one interesting package named x2vnc in my apt list. I googled it, got some discuss threads, so as the title you can guess, I choose Synergy as my favor.

Followed links above, I got my cursor go to server PC from my laptop! That's great! What I still need is to configure it to automatically start. Let me digg more.