十一月 23, 2010
» How to install boshiamy input method under ubuntu 10.10


After installing ubuntu 10.10 on my computer, I found that SCIM is gone!

I already used to installing boshiamy input in SCIM every time i re-install linux OS on my computers. This time, I should find another way around. The following website is what I found to help me resolve this problem. Basically, it's much easier than what I've done for having Boshiamy work on SCIM. I just need to install a package and select the input method in the configuration UI! Well, let's call it IMPROVEMENT.

Well, til now, I still don't know why SCIM is removed from 10.10..


五月 19, 2010
» 山形尖叫 / NoMachine NX






十月 3, 2009
» Optimize the battery usage in Ubuntu 9.04 on Asus eeepc 1000HE


Yesterday, I brought my eeepc to office. I wanna try link it to my big screen LCD and see how it works. If possible, I want to control my office notebook under ubuntu remotely. In this way, I can control the computer in the way I want it, and still, being able to access all the necessary apps in windows.

However, out of no reasons, when changing the xorg settings to adapt the LCD resolution, my compiz 3D effects are all gone. A bit panicked, I gave up this idea and back to my original work style.

In addition, I also found that the battery strength is much less than what I observed in windows xp. Even turning CPU to powersave mode, the indicator shows 4 hour usage at most. This is a big shock for me. The long battery usage of this model is the very reason I bought it. If this is broken in ubuntu, then I may need to consider going back to windows xp platform.

Fortunately, the problem is much easier to solve than I think. Thanks for the enormous eeepc users, the power usage under ubuntu is being improved continuously. And the patch/tool on the internet is already very stable. This problem can be solved by simply installing several packages. One thing to notice though, the battery monitor in ubuntu is not quite accurate. Don't trust it. Install powertop to get a better measurement and some hints are also available to tell you how to improve the battery usage.

Two packages I used for this problem:

I also found another package that can help you to quickly toggle H/W modules (wifi, bluetoo, webcam, etc).

Now, it's time surfing~~

十月 1, 2009
» customize Opera to be vimperator-like


It's hard to connect to plurk.com under ubuntu. So I tried to install Opera and set up the proper proxy for hinet network. And the result is: wonderful!

So, I started to browse some websites by using Opera. In this way, I don't have to keep going back and forth between firefox and Opera. However, I am  too addicted to vimperator under firefox that sometimes I accidentally press the wrong commands in Opera.

After searching some materials on the internet, I found that the keyboard shortcut management on Opera is flexible enough to do most of the tricks in Vimperator!! And all I have to do is to install a ini file that is already customized by other opera users. What a great news for me. :)

Here's the link, have fun!!

九月 26, 2009
» How to launch media players with mms protocol in Firefox in Ubuntu


J'ai fait le bar-bee-cue avec mes colleagues ce matin.
Cet endroit se situe pres de ma compagnie; 
donc on s'est joint devant la compagnie.

= = =

In order to select a proper media player for the mss protocol in firefox, you have to add some new properties in about:config. Here's what I set for suit my own purpose.

network.protocol-handler.app.mms user set string /usr/bin/X11/smplayer
network.protocol-handler.external.mms user set boolean true

九月 23, 2009
» 如何在ubuntu9.04中透過windows mobile的internet sharing上網




在asus epc 1000HE上使用ubuntu9.04的感覺,真是愉快得不得了。明明windows xp已經夠輕量了,應該run起來要很smooth才對,但總覺得1000HE跑起來比我三年前的notebook還要不順。最近不知道是中毒了還是怎樣,常常會發生系統快要死當的情形:一會兒檔案總管沒動作,一會兒firefox罷工,連微軟自家的IE也常常沒有回應。原本打算要灌windows 7來玩玩看的,無奈免費下載的期間早就過了,我也懶得再去找現成的iso檔回來試。


灌完系統後,有線網路直接可以運作(這從很早期的ubuntu開始,就已經支援得很好了),第一件事便是把我常用的中文輸入法--無蝦米--灌起來。由於之前都是在用linux系統,我早就在我的gmail裡準備了一套字庫檔和輸入法圖案。下載下來後,先裝了scim-tables-zh,讓我可以在scim setup中載入我自己的字庫檔。就這樣,無蝦米回來了。

最近還申請了3G上網吃到飽的方案。週末有時會把電腦和手機一起帶出去,在坐捷運時使用。這下問題來了。在Windows下,只要直接把手機接上電腦,然後選擇internet sharing就可以開始用網路。在ubuntu下,就沒這麼直覺了。一開始我看到在NetworkManager下有Mobile BroadBand的選項還以為在這邊做些設定就可以一切搞定,但是後來發現事情並沒有想像中那麼簡單(雖然也沒有多難啦)。

$ sudo apt-get install subversion
$ svn co http://synce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/synce/trunk/usb-rndis-lite
cd usb-rndis-lite/
$ vi rndis_host.c

if (tmp <>hard_mtu) {
"dev can't take %u byte packets (max %u)\n",
dev->hard_mtu, tmp);
goto fail;

if (tmp <>hard_mtu) {
"dev can't take %u byte packets (max %u)\n",
dev->hard_mtu, tmp);
retval = -EINVAL;
/* goto fail;*/

$ make
$ sudo ./clean.sh
$ sudo make install

5.把手機連上電腦,並且在手機上選擇Internet sharing的選項

6.讓它可以抓到dhcp傳來的ip address
$ sudo dhclient



在epc 1000HE上,要讓它支援3D的超炫畫面也很簡單,只要到system->preferences->appearence下,Visual effects選擇Extra就行了。更多詳細的設定可以透過安裝某些package來達成。網路上有很多文件了,我就不再這兒多說了。

六月 21, 2009
» Google App engine

p7135683.jpg (by plateaukao)

I forgot how I bumped into this site Google App engine. I saw there's a small youtube video at the right-hand side. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the video and gave it a gimplse. Wow, it's written in Python. That made me more interested in how it works. Within hours, I wrote my first google app based on its simple sample provided in the Google App Engine SDK. Hey, but it's already good enough to compete with my onlinedic!! The speed is amazing comparing to my desktop client. Instead of completing my first workable (and useful) android app, I ported my onlinedic to google apps. Well, I just changed the I/O part of my original python scripts. As for the html post-processing part, I did not change them at all.

Now, I have French-English dictionary, Yahoo Chinese-English dictionary, and French Conjugator ready on the internet! I can always have these basic function set as long as I have internet access.

Here are some notes about what obstacles I encountered while writing this small app.

1. use python 2.5 instead of python 2.6
If you are using python version other than 2.5, it'd better that you install python2.5 too.
It will prevent you from bumping into a out-of-nowhere debugging error.
(I spent some time on finding this out on my ubuntu 9.0)

2. There's new_project_temple folder in the SDK root directory. That's where you can start with.

3. Do not use urllib from python library. Use urlfetch from google.appengine.api instead.

4. You can only upload/update your files to google app server, but you CANNOT download these files from the server!!
So, remeber to back up your files and use version control systems by yourself.



六月 20, 2009
» nrg to iso conversion under linux (ubuntu)

PB175023 (by plateaukao)

黑白 (by plateaukao)

Photos de Similaire composition.
Well, it's a piece of cake.
Just type in the title into google and you can find the solution within seconds.

Just install nrg2iso from apt and it's done.

六月 2, 2009
» Install Ubuntu 9.04 in VirtualBox on Asus epc 1000HE

R8075345.JPG (by plateaukao)
Airport.Hong Kong

I saw the fly's eyes in the airport.


The default operating system on my epc 1000HE is Windows. It works quite well so far, and I am already addicted to its multi-touch panel. To save my time on finding all the equivalent functions on Ubuntu, I decide to install ubuntu in VirtualBox under Windows. In this way, I can get the benefits from the Windows softwares and drivers; in addition, I can use the familiar interfaces in Linux too.

The installation is very smooth. It takes about one hour. Afterward, it took about 20 minutes to update new packages. Everything works fine except the resolution is 800x600 by default. In order to solve this problem, I installed VBox toolbox and reboot the system. Voila. You can adjust the resolution by changing the VBox windows size now.

五月 4, 2009
» Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04

P1110104 (by plateaukao)

I always thought that I was using Ubuntu 8.04 on my notebook until yesterday. Ubuntu 9.04 is out for a while. Every blog post is praising its boot-up speed and other new features. Originally, I wanna buy a netbook and install this version on it. However, after consideration, netbook would not be a good choice for me, because I spend most of time in front of my big LCD screen at office. On weekends, I don't go out often. Even so, I would not bother myself with a computer at hand.

So, my nb is all I got for trying this fantastique version. Oh, forgot to mention: my asus s200 is broken lately. Too bad. Let's bow for its great contribution to my past several years. It completes my life, really. Alright, let's back to the topic of this post: Upgrade my Ubuntu.

I used the following command to do the job for me:
sudo update-manager -dc

update-manager is a utility of ubuntu to help users update their packages in the system. With some parameters, users can also upgrade their system to a upper version. For example, 7.04 to 7.10; 7.10 to 8.04. As for me, it's 8.04 to 8.10. Wait!! Why is that? I though my system is already 8.10 for a long time. But it turns out to be 8.04. Wow wow wow. What a surprise!! How many enhancements in 8.10 I've missed!! I think maybe I was too busy in Oct. 2008, so I totally forgot this.

Alright. 8.04 -> 8.10. Let's do this first. It took a lot of time to download necessary packages and update all of them. Once it's done, I don't want to stop like this. I want 9.04. So I launched the same command again. This time, it's 8.10  to 9.04.

Everything went well too. Wonderful! Now I am enjoying my ubuntu 9.04 by posting this post on it.

五月 3, 2009
» How to easily mount iso files in Ubuntu

Courier (by plateaukao)

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a??? J'ai oublie ou j'ai prise cette photo. C'est incroyable!!! Il es au milieu d'Annecy. C'est ou je faisais les courses souvent. Apres chercher sur GoogleMap, je le retrouve encore. Il s'appelle Courier~~~



Sometimes, I download iso files from internet without burning them into real CDs or DVDs, because I am not good at preserving disks and the DVD-ROM of my nb is not functioning well either. As a consequence, when it's necessary to use these iso files or access files inside, I prefer mounting them directly to the system. In Windows, I am pretty satisfied with the free version of Daemon Tools. However, in Linux (Ubuntu), I always need to mount these files manually in a console. It's not a big problem for me because I know these commands well. Nevertheless, it's tiresome to type in the command line every time I want to use them.

I know this is a pain for most linux users too, so I bet there's already an easier solution (or several more). With a simple search in Google, I got the answers I long for. I list the solutions I found below for later reference:

1. command line:
sudo mkdir /media/iso
sudo modprobe loop
sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop file.iso /media/iso/

2. create scripts for nautilus (gnome's file explorer)
cd .gnome2/nautilus-scripts/
vi Mount

for I in "$*"
foo=`gksudo -u root -k -m "Enter your password for root terminal access" /bin/echo "got r00t?"`
sudo mkdir /media/"$I"
sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop "$I" /media/"$I" && nautilus /media/"$I" --no-desktop

vi UMount

for I in "$*"
foo=`gksudo -u root -k -m "Enter your password for root terminal access" /bin/echo "got r00t?"`
sudo umount "$I" && zenity --info --text "Successfully unmounted /media/$I/" && sudo rmdir "/media/$I/"

make Mount and UMount executable.
chmod +x Mountchmod +x Unmount
3. use a GUI tool similar to Daemon Tools
install gisomount

四月 22, 2009
» Source Navigator vs Source Insight

IMAG0048 (by plateaukao) IMAG0049 (by plateaukao)

Originalement, je voudrais dessiner tout le chateau, et laisser encore assez d'espace en haut. Comme ca, je pourrais essayer de creer quelques jolies nuages sur le ciel. Cependant, j'ai commence par dessiner les gens devant le chateau. Quand j'arrive a finir plusiers etages du chateau... voila, le chateau deja atteignait le plus haut du papier. Bah, je dois bien mesurer le distance avant que je peigne a la prochaine fois. C'est un chateau pres d'ou j'avais le voyage de travail.


Today, one of my colleagues asked me if I know any other tools that we can use to browse source codes efficiently. Well, it's a good question that I did not pay much attention with. While developing softwares with Visual Studio, it's common to only use its built-in intelligence engine. The intelligence engine can already fulfill most of the requirement of general programmers. If it's still notpowerful enough as a code browser, we usually use Source Insight as a second choice. Source Insight did a great job on cross referencing codes.

However, there's one drawback of Source Insight: it does not support unicode files so far. When it comes to unicode source files, you have only two options: first, convert all your source files into non unicode files, which is not a good way; second, use another tools to do the job for you.

Long time ago, I tried Source Navigator. So, I gave it another try with my current ongoing projects today. What I appreciate is, it can build the class heirarchy chart for me. The layout is clear enough to get a whole picture of class relationships. As for source code cross referencing, I found it a bit lousy and slow. Not sure if it's because my nb is not powerful enough.


四月 11, 2009
» 美瑛 / EasyMule 2.0 for Linux

IMAGE_098.jpg (by plateaukao)

Easymule is a great application to download latest stuffs on the internet;  however, it used to only exist on Windows platform. The only similar application I know on linux is amule. While amule is doing a good job sometimes, it's hard to find asian resources. I am not sure if it's because I did not add the right servers or not.

Now easymule is ported to Linux. What a great news!

Long Live LInux~~~

R8074450.JPG (by plateaukao)

三月 1, 2009
» fix shoutcast plugin of Streamtuner in ubuntu

pb120124 (by plateaukao)
Purple Sunset

Streamtuner is a good software under linux that can help you to launch internet radios easily. With combination of streamripper, you can even save songs as individual mp3s by just a simple click. However, After upgrading to ubuntu 8.10, Streamtuner fails to display the shoutcast raido listings, which contains most of the radio stations I listen to. That's realy pain in the ass for me. I had to manually insert the radio address for a long time.
Last night, I found the root cause as well as the solution on the internet, thanks to google.

Here's a quick fix to the problem that I had for a long time.

 Here's what you need to do in order to fix the Shoutcast plug-in. Fire up your favorite hex editor and use it to open up the shoutcast.so plug-in found in usr/lib/streamtuner/plugins. Now search for the two instances of www.shoutcast.com and replace them with making sure you keep the spacing sane. Now save it back into your folder. Open up Streamtuner and go to the Shoutcast tab. You should now see your listings. If your don't just click on the Reload button.

For those of you who are saying that you don't know how to use a hex editor, no worries. Here is a link to the patched shoutcast plug-in. Download Plugin



二月 2, 2009
» le Grand Robert et Collins Eletronique


Sans assez de temps, j'ai pas pu bien dessiner.
Toutefois, je suis content de voir mon oeuvre.


Une autre bonne dictionnaire que j'ai trouve sur internet.
Abreviation de cette dictionnaire est GRCE.
Il traduit entre les langues francais et anglais.
Pour moi, c'est plus facile de comprendre.
le meilleur, il marche bien sous linux avec wine!!
Comme ca, je ne dois pas redemarrer mon ordi en windows ou utiliser VirtualBox.

一月 9, 2009
» Sending SMS thourgh Skype under Linux


Out of my surprise, The SMS sending feature of Skype under Linux is not supported by its GUI client. I don't know why this feature is left off from the official release. It's quite strange because in its core library, this feature is included. As a consequence, some intelligent hackers use the Skype library interface to write some useful tools for this purpose. At least, I found two softwares that sovle this problem. One is with GUI interface, and another one is a command line tool. What a wonderful world under Linux. You can find what you need and ... multiple choices as always.




十二月 25, 2008
» Reading Chinese in Evince under ubuntu

R1040145.JPG (by plateaukao)

If you can't read chinese characters in pdf files in Evince, you can install package poppler-data in the ubuntu repository. Just for later reference.


to remote connecting terminal under ubuntu:
command line: rdesktop
GUI apps: tsclient, gnome-rdp, etc

十二月 20, 2008
» 無名指的標本

R8062164 (by plateaukao)


In Bruges


sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs
sudo ntfslabel /dev/sda1 newlabel

十二月 16, 2008
» Rentre Chez Ubuntu

RIMG0215 (by plateaukao)

Quelle Belle les Fleurs!


Il y a longtemps que j'etais dans le windows recement, puisque j'ai reinstalle mon windows et je n'ai pas pu entrer mon ubuntu desormais. Voila, aujourd'hui je suis rentre chez ubuntu car le windows ne marche pas encore. Il a l'air quelques virus restent dans mon ordi. Le reseau ne marche bien dans le windows. Donc, je dois trouver un methode de re-entrer ubuntu. Heureusement, c'est pas tres dificile pour moi. Quand j'etais en France, j'ai recu un CD de ubuntu, Grace au CD, j'ai cherche sur internet comment reinstaller mon grub, un logiciel qui gere le bootup d'ordi. Dans vingt minutes, je suis sur ubuntu encore. Il devient un peu  etranger pour moi. Mais ca va. Avant que je le repare (peut-etre, je dois le reinstaller encore XD), je serai content avec mon vieux ubuntu.

十月 6, 2008
» Freemind

PA294044 (by plateaukao)





去找了一套在linux下可以運作的mind mapping軟體。

下面是阿嘉莎。克莉絲蒂的ABC contre Poirot看到120/329的初步map。


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